Phoenix Sports Club was an outcome of like minded youths, obsessed with the idea of creating a strong and sound base of blooming buds who will be mentally and physically fit enough to take up the challenges of life, within the society and those faced by the nation. It was a strong belif in all those minds that competitive sports is one very strong medium that inculcates the will to win, the determination to excel, the commitment to succeed. The question was what type of sport should be the choice.

However, with almost all the promoters and founders of Phoenix being avid and die hard football players, the sport was decided in no time. Being ardent fans and sportsmen themselves of the world famous game of football, the promoters naturally favoured football. More over, all of them honestly believe that if the country had to excel in any form of sport, it should be such a sport which is watched in maximum countries of the world and also played by an equally large number of nations.

In a country obsessed with cricket and yet where millions were waiting to get a fair chance to play any level of competitive form of cricket, it would no be advisable to pick the same game and be one among the also rans.

Moreover, all of them strongly were of the view that Football is one of the most honest games besides being extremely true to life. It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life. And what better way to develop the gennext than to put them through the trials of life at a tender age? Once the game was decided, the vision and the objectives defined, the hard work started. Developing a proper infrastructure and a team was the first task. But when a gifted team of committed individuals dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb. The rise towards the goal was steep but the march had begun.

Initially, in its infancy, Phoenix Sports Club commenced activities at the S.P.College grounds, Pune. With a registration of an enviable 3 members. In fact this might be one of those rare cases where the number of registered members was much smaller than the number of founders. But then, a journey of thousand kilo meters starts with a single step.Confidence in themselves, commitment of a really higher level and love for the vision saw the founders slog day in and day out to increase tha facilities so as to increase the number of registrations. Gradually, efforts bore fruits. Phoenix shifted its camp from the shared S.P. College grounds to an exclusive - for - themselves Shahu College Grounds. The number of registered players saw a gradual rise and today after almost a decade of existence, Phoenix has taken the number of its members to around 150. The academy has qualified trainers as regular members of the club plus experts of national repute are willing to spare time for the enthusiastic Phoenix folks.

With over 150 members of a variety of ages, Phoenix has been participating in various tournaments for various age groups and the charged group of players and trainers has placed Phoenix into the top 10 teams of about 80 teams of the apex controlling organization - Pune Distric Football Association. And as we all know, this recognition has not been a result of an overnight . There has been a great deal of action behind the scenes. The trainers have been working extremely hard on the kids. Practice as though you are the worst and perform as if you are the best has been the catch line for the kids. Initially, Phoenix could accumulate a member bank from the nearby areas as this was just a matter of convenience for the budding players. Later on, players from all over the region have been enrolling themselves to get a share of the reputation Phoenix stands for.


  • Develop personalities.
  • Grow the quality of sportsmanship.
  • Learn excellent football skills.
  • Develop a spirit of teamwork.


  • The club won Major MarutiWagh tournament 1989.
  • Participation in major tournaments held by district association and continuing our performance.
  • Phoenix proved their competency by reaching in quarterfinals, semi-finals, finals in ambedkar trophy, dhumalkachi tournament, nav Maharashtra trophy.
  • From 2004 to 2010 we remain our position in senior division and also qualified in district league tournaments qualifying in super leagues.